Our Cooking Philosophy

Welcome or Swagatam to our food world.  Our cooking philosophy is simple – to provide resources to our visitors so they may have fun, healthful and tasty food experiences.

Our entire site has been inspired by India’s Ayurvedic traditions.  Also, each recipe is created and tried out by Kavita.

We provide you with the best ingredients and mix of products.  Our brand selections may not be exhaustive but it will always be the best. Also we will not carry spice blends that have msg.

Our pantry products are to be combined with fresh fruits and vegetables, organic dairy, fresh fish, soy milk, wild game and free range eggs without added hormones. Shop for these fresh, locally and seasonally.  Also, our pantry products are modular.  Combine them to create a new and different meal each time.

Our convenience gourmet products are not complete meals, but designed to be part of either a “relaxed meal” (just add a few additional simple components) or “posh nosh” (using the pouch or spice blends as the beginnings of a gourmet, complex meal).

Eating well is essential to life. We also eat with all our senses.  Thus our recipes will take you on a sensory journey.  Once the senses are pleased/satisfied we attain Nirvana.  Our aim is that you achieve Nirvana with the help of our work.  We have achieved Nirvana many a times bringing our work to you.

We thank you for visiting our site.



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