Sheek (Skewer) Kebab Recipe

Sheek (Skewer) Kebab may be the juciest flavorful kebabs in the world. These kebabs are made exceptionally succulent due to the minced meat mixed with onions and ginger.
They can be made in advance, frozen and fried when needed. This pan-fried kabab can be made with goat meat/mutton or lamb or beef but tastes best when made with mutton or lamb. Serve it with Mint-Coriander Chutney.

• 1 lb. lean mince lamb or mutton or beef 
• 1 large onion minced
• 1/2 inch piece of ginger pounded
• 4 cloves of garlic  pounded
• 2-3 green chillies minced 
• 6 mint leaves 
• A small bunch of fresh coriander 
• 1 egg 
• 2 slices of fresh bread crumbs or 2 tbs. besan (chick pea flour) 
• A few strands of saffron, soaked in 1 tbs. of warm milk 
• Salt to taste 
• 1/4 tsp. chilli powder to taste 
• 1 tbs. ghee or olive oil for oiling hands (step 8). You can use just water. 
• Whole spices roasted in a pan and ground in a coofee grinder: 
• 1 tsp. cumin seeds 
• 2 cloves 
• 4 green cardamom pods 
• 1/2 blade of mace 
• 1/2 inch piece cinnamon stick

1. Put garlic, ginger, mint, coriander leaves, green chillies and spices in a food processor and grind coarsely. 
2. Add the egg and give it another quick whiz in the food processor. 
3. Place meat in a large bowl, add bread crumbs, finely minced onion and pour the spice paste over it. 
4. Add saffron, salt and chilli powder. Mix and leave in the fridge, in an airtight container, for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Overnight is better for flavours to infuse into the meat. 
5. Shape the mix with dampened or oiled hands into sausage shapes on a thick skewers* grill the meat in a hot grill or tandoor.


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