Rejuvenate with Spices for Spring

Spices have long been used in India to balance the effects of the season. In winter we accumulate mucus and cholesterol and stiffness in muscles and joints. Spring foods can go a long ways in mitigating these symptoms.  Use fresh local, organic veggies along with the spices below.  Also one may want to reduce the milk intake and increase yogurt intake along with our special raita spices.

Here are the Spices that are perfect for spring:

  turmeric – an anti-inflammatory, helps detoxify the liver, balance cholesterol levels, fight allergies, stimulate digestion, boost immunity and enhance the complexion.
  cumin – helps in digesting foods
–  coriander – an anti-inflammatory
–  fennel – helps in digesting foods
–  mustard seeds – helps in digesting foods
–  ajwain-  – helps in digesting foods
–  panchporan – helps in digesting foods
–  mint and basil – health protective properties
–  fresh ginger –  – helps in digesting foods
–  raita spices containing mint, basil and digestive spices

Kicharee is an easily digestible rice lentil dish with the protein of mung dal and the Agni stimulating quality of the above mild spices makes this a perfect dish for spring.

© Kavita Mehta
photo credit Kavita and Vinay Mehta


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