Lentils for Spring – Complementing the Season

Good digestion and cleansing of toxins is the recipe for spring foods.

The best way to get protein in spring is from dals or lrntils which are easy to digest. Mung dal is best and whole mung beans may be soaked and sprouted. It is believed in India that dal combined with the protein in yogurt and the protein in rice and whole wheat increases the oveall protein in the diet. Meat is to avoided in this season as it is a heavy food that can increase cholesterol.

Enjoy meals that include lentils along with rice, yogurt, seasonal veggies with spring spices.  Fresh herbal pestos/chutneys of cilantro and basil add an extra dimension to spring meals and complement lentils. Lentils cooked with fresh herbs, turmeric and ginger are recommended.

Ghee is recommentded for cooking lentils over oils as it brings out the medicinal value of spring spices and is very easy to digest.  A smaller amount of ghee is required for cooking versus the amount of oil. Ghee properties make foods light and oils make foods heavy – in spring, simple light foods make for a healthier lifestyle. 

© Kavita Mehta
photo credit Kavita and Vinay Mehta



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