Indian Tandoori Barbecue

Now enjoy America’s most famous past-time – the barbecue – with Ajika Tandoori full flavor seasonings. This Summer enhance your barbecue experience with marinated meats flavored with this majistic spice blend.

The chicken is marinated in yogurt which is seasoned with Tandoori spices, ginger and garlic for a minimum of four hours or overnight for 12 hours. The yogurt tenderizes the meat while acting as a seasoned baste for the chicken. If you prefer the dark reds on the Tandoori chicken found in Indian restaurants add few drops of red color. Since the color does not add any flavor it could be left out for a more natural dish. 

Layer the marinated chicken evenly on the grill and grill turning the chicken so one side is not overcooked. To keep the chicken moist and bring out the flavor of Tandoori spices brush ghee over it.

Garnish with limes, red onion rings, and cilantro.


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