Indian Flat Breads and Equipment

There are many varieties of Indian daily breads -chapati/ phulka/roti, parantha, pooris, kulchas and Bhaturas. They are  made of finely milled whole wheat pastry flour and water.

Chapati/ phulka/roti are simple flatbreads made of flour and water and nothing else. Some recipes call for salt or oil but I like to make mine without them.  The cooks that use salt and oil say it tenderizes the dough.  For me the taste of salt and oil in chapati/ phulka/roti interferes with the overall meal as the bread does not stay neutral/innocent in taste.

Pooris are fried breads that are usually made on holidays, festive occasions and for entertaining.  Indian flat breads are used to scoop up curries and vegetables.  

Tools required for making Indian Flatbreads

– Cast Iron concave griddle 8-12 inches in diameter called tawa
– a shallow mixing bowl
– A rolling pin
– a large plate for dusting the dough while rolling it out
tongs for the beginner
– wok stand placed over the electric or gas burner
a grilling rack which is placed over the wok stand
– a wok for deep frying for Pooris and other fried breads only –


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