Indian Snack Repetoire

India has a myriad of Indian Snacks. We have special snack stalls featuring over hundred snacks. Many snacks are made of a combination of Indian Lentils, rice, nuts, dried fruits all spiced up for a taste that is addictive.

Indian snacks could be classified in the following categories

1. Spiced Nuts

2. Mini Meals made of Snacks like a Tapas – examples of this are bhel-puri street food (as shown in the picture) samosa, pakora, bhajias, ragda patty, shammi kebabs, vegetable cutlets

3. Indian Party Mixes – a snack which is a cross between trail mix and chips made of rice, wheat, potato, chickpea and nuts.

4. Chutney/Cucumber Sandwiches or Bruschetta – Thin slices of tomato and cucumber with a spread of cilantro chutney or mint chutney on sliced artisan bread – preferably with a natural yeast like sourdough.

5. Masala Chai – Tea infused with spices, fresh ginger and served with milk and sugar.

6. Papads – papads are lentil chips which are easy to roast up or fry. They make exotic, tasty, fancy looking snacks or appetizers for your next cocktail party

7. Fresh Fruit – a variety of fresh fruits are seved as snacks topped with herbs and piquant spices as featured in Raita Mix #1


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