Indian Premium Teas – Organic

Some of the best tea in the world comes from India. India grows the most tea in the world and she boasts of having over 14,000 tea estates.  The best teas of India are grown orgainically.

The geography of India allows for many different climatic conditions, and the resulting teas can be dramtically different from each other.  India has 3 main places where exceptional tea is grown –

Assam – is indigenous tea plants of India. A full flavor, very satisfying tea. Assam teas are strong, well rounded and malty with rich aroma and flavor. Usually served with milk and sugar.
Darjeeling at 6,000 feet above sea level, boasts at least 68 tea gardens. This tea is the best in the world due to its perfect growing conditions: cool, moist climate, high altitude, sufficient rainfall, well drained sloping landscape, and soil rich in minerals.. This tea has a delicate and superior flavor. I call it the rejuvenating tea or the spa tea because of its fine taste.
Nilgiri is similar to Ceylon teas grown in nearby Sri Lanka. A full bodied tea with an excellent fragrance and flavor

Types of Indian teas
Black Tea : This is what most westerners would think of when they hear the word tea. Black tea undergoes a fermentation process as part of production. We carry the best Darjeeling black tea in the world in our store
Green Tea : This is what is commonly known as tea in Asia. Green teas are unfermented. We carry the best Darjeeling green tea in the world in our store
Oolong Tea : These teas are half way between green and black teas. They undergo a short fermentation process and so are often known as semi-fermented teas. We carry the best Darjeeling Oolong tea in the world in our store


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