The World of Dals and Lentils – Versatile

An Ancient Jewel

Beans and Lentils have been found in 5,000 year old settlements in Mesopotamia, in Egyptian pyramids, and in even earlier civilizations like Peruvian Indians, Middle Eastern and East Indian civilizations. Even today lentils are produced and consumed mainly in these regions

The use of lentils all over the world is growing as people get more interested in low fat diets, international cuisine, use of more herbs, spices, seasonings and in environmentally good foods.

Wonder Food
Legumes are wonder foods as they are low in fat and absorb the flavor of spices and herbs, making them fun and tasty to eat. Lentils have been the main source of protein for people in many cultures all over the world.
Beans and other legumes have all the nutrients now recognized as important in preventing heart disease, cancer and obesity. They are high in complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber and they are extremely low in fat.

Is this made of lentils too?
There are many many varieties of beans and lentils and there are myraid ways of cooking lentils such as desserts, snacks, savories, crepes (dosas), curries, kebabs, soups, hummus like dips, stews, spice podis, salads, rice/lentil pilafs and using it as a spice or the main ingredient.

© Kavita Mehta


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