Putting an Indian Menu together

In India vegetables, fish and meats are purchased fresh daily and meals are chosen for variety and contrast and are seasonal. Also Indian meals are mainly vegetarian with an optional bowl of a meat curry. A traditional meal is usually made up of the following:

 – Dal or lentils
 – Meat/chicken/fish curry (optional) 
 – Dry-cooked vegetable dish 
 – Plain yogurt or raita
 – Rice and/or breads such as chappati, roti, paratha, puri, plain-boiled rice, pulao
 – Salad called kachumber – like a fresh salsa – made of diced cucumber, red onions and tomatoes, dressed in lime juice and salt
 – Pickles and relishes 
 – Papad

 – Fresh herbal Chutneys
This is served in a platter called a Thali

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may be viewed at  http://store.indianfoodsco.com/InfoPage.CFM?PageId=IndFood00092


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