Meal Planning Techniques

Indian Meal Planning Terchniques

In India veggies and meats are purchsed fresh.  The housewife looks at what was purchased and then goes ahead and plans the menu based on the following techniques:

1.  Aroma – She will combine the main ingredients based on their attributes paying attention to their indivual fragrances to create appetizing aromas. She is well aware that we eat with our senses and the aroma is a form of enticing us and getting our digestive juices flowing before the meal even starts.

2.  Color – Indian cuisine is colorful. It is a spash of various colors that gives joy to the eyes. The gold of lentils, the white of rice, the bright green of vegetables, the reds of condiments, the orange of meats and sauces.

3.  Textures – Indian cuisine is famous for its textures – the crunch of papads, the cool smoothness of yogurt, crunchy salad vegetables, chewy rice and breads all combined to create sensational dishes.

4.  Tastes – Indians subscribe to the philosophy of cooking with 6 tastes – sweet, bitter, astingent, sour, pungent and salty.  We believe that tastes are elemental and if we can balance our bodies with various tastes thus preventing the onset of disease. 
Many home cooked Indian meals are very simple, using the bland spices so the main ingredient may stay pure in their taste, are skillfully combined with yogurt, pickels, chutneys and condiments that are stronger and more stimulating in taste.

5.  Variety – Indian cuisine is known for its contrast and variety. Since Indain cuisine relies on vegetables our cuisine is very varied along with the countless pickles and chutneys that make an Indian meal.

There is no main dish – all dishes have an equal place on the menu. Each dish is whole and important and has its special place on a thali. 

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