Individual Body Type Nutrition

Doshas are the Natural Earth Elements that make up an Individual Body – ether, air. water, earth and fire.

A characteristic feature of Ayurveda is that it considers the individual as a whole, rather than just the disease. Treatment is fine-tuned by fine tuning the imbalances so the original prakriti or natural form is restored to its original form.

The doctor takes into consideration the individual’s natural constitution, susceptibility to diseases, mental make up, lifestyle and other factors. It all starts with the ved (doctor) understanding the prakriti (nature) or constitution of the person. Pakriti means “natural form or our elemental form” or “original form” or “original source”. Disease occurs when we change this form by not listening to our body which results in this original form at the psychological or physiological level.  Ayurvedic Wellness lays emphasis on examining the prakriti or the natural state of an individual first.

The disease vikruthi is examined later. While the expert in modern medicine analyses the disease, the Ayurvedic expert is also interested in the individual who is suffering from the disease.  The disease or the imbalances are corrected by giving the correct doses of not medicine but nutrition (every food has specific energy and vibrations and complementary foods are recommended), lifestyle, meditation and if necessary herbs and medicine to correct the imbalance found. 

Elemental Characteristics
~ A Vata personis described as quick, dry, moving, cold -Its natural imbalances are prone to  lead to chills, wind in the colon, cramps, spasms
~ Pitta/Fire personis described as sharp, fiery, hot, moist – Its natural imbalances are prone to    lead to inflammation, fever, heartburn, hot flashes
~ Kapha/Earth and water personis described as steady, soft, slow, heavy, sweet natured -Its natural imbalances are prone to  lead to congestion, mucus, heaviness, fluid, retention, oversleeping  

Elemental Balancing Foods
Food for Vatas/Air element — almonds, coconut, eggs, fish, meat, peanuts, pine nuts. – – -Sesame seeds, pistachio- beets, sweet potatoes- figs, mango, honeydew melons cumin, urad beans, kidney –  – -beans wheat, rye, oats, rice
Food for Pitta/Fire element – – butter, buttermilk, coconut(fresh), ice-cream, panir, flaxseeds- bitter melon, cucumber, radishes, spinach, squash, zucchini, pumpkin – grapefruit, lime, lychee, oranges, peaches, pomegranate, – wheat, rice oats, millet
Food for Kapha/Water and Earth element — walnuts, dates, honey- lentils, gram, dried peas, – Eggplant, fenugreek leaves, kohlrabi, mint, mustard greens, onions- sour grapefruit, grapes- black pepper, anise, cinnamon, ginger powder, pickles, red pepper, fenugreek- barley, corn, millet buckwheat, rye- salt, tea, coffee Tri dosha – cow’s milk, mung beans, sun ripe tomatoes (not over or under ripe), turnips

© Kavita Mehta


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