Indian Spices -Learning to Cook with Spices

Spices are the soul of Indian food. Simple ingredients come alive with the special use of spices and herbs.

1. Many Indian vegetables are made with simple bland spices so the flavor of the main ingredient can stay pure and the spices provide a supporting taste. These are the more bland and delicate spices such as fennel, cumin, mustard seeds and coriander powder and turmeric.

2. Then there are the stronger spices. In India we use strong, pungent spices like garam masala in small amounts. It is safest to use whole spices in garam masala when new to these spices. Use 1 each for 4 servings as a start.

These whole spices are natures very own Bouquet Garni: In India whole spices are used in many recipes and they keep releasing their flavor over time in a dish. This natural use of whole spices is more popular in North Indian cuisines.

3. Fresh herbs like mint, coconut, fresh green chilies are combined with spices to make fragrant concoctions for cooking.  Indian cooking involves the use of fresh herbs and it is easy to overlook this important aspect in our cooking with all the fragrance and charm of spices.  Fresh herbs help balance spices.

4. In our store you will also find spice blends and ready made pastes and sauces.  These are time saving ideas making it even easier for you to enjoy authentic flavors in your own kitchen.


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