Indian Spice Blends – Authentic Flavor Made Easy

Spice Blends are an easy way to “create tasty meals in a simple and easy way”. Spices, herbs and other ingredients are skillfully combined so you dont have to. Each blend allows you to make an authentic Indian meal.
Most of our blends contain no salt or sugar so restricted diets can be easily accommodated without sacrificing full flavor. Also, blends can save time and money.

Spice Blends for India’s most popular curries or dishes

Garam Masala – Garam (warming) masala is the quintessential and most important blend of Indian spices. Many Indian recipes call for this blend.  This may be purchased whole or ground.

Mild Curry Powder or 3 Spice blend- This blend is subtle, mild and aromatic and may be used in any cooking Indian or not.

Biryani Masala is traditionally used for Biryani recipes, which combine meat, fish or poultry baked together with rice in a pot. It is typical of the Andhra Pradesh region of India

Korma Spice Blend This is a typical Mughlai or Hyderabadi dish made with almonds or cashews or coconut Blend. It is mildly spicy, sweet and tangy. It was a favorite of royalty and therefore this blend is studded with cashews, raisins and coconut milk making this blend a royal blend.

Channa or Hearty Stew Spice Blend  Channa Masala or Chick pea or Garbanzo curry quickly becomes a favorite of most who try it. This is a great dish from the region of Punjab.

Sambhar Spice Blend is a lentil soup like dish from South India. It is used to dunk an idli in or on rice or with a dosa (pancake).

Tandoori Spice Blend – For this Blend we have combined ginger, garlic, cumin ,coriander and other aromatic spices with lemon juice. Perfect in a marinade for grilled or barbecued Tandoori or Chicken Makhani dishes. 

Vindaloo Spice Blend from Goa can be easily prepared with this thick red Blend made of rich spices and coriander which impart a spicy ,tangy taste and fragrant aroma.

Spice Blends for Main Ingredients

Dal or Lentil Spice Blend is a lentil soup like dish from South India. It is used to dunk an idli in or on rice or with a dosa (pancake).

Vegetable Masala This is traditionally a North Indian seasoning where the spices are stirfried with veggies and then steamed to alow the flavors to mingle.

Meat Masala is for red meats and has a strong and musky spices to complement the meats.

Chicken Masala – A blend to make chicken

Madras Curry Blend -A complex South Indian curry Blend, flavored with cumin, coriander, and turmeric. Madras Blend has a spicy, chili-infused heat, countered with a tamarind tang. Cook curry and serve over rice, with Indian flatbread Shop here for Indian spice Blends

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