Indian Pickles – Indian KimChee

Indispensable in Indian cuisines for awakening the appetite, pickles can range in flavor, textures, and ingredients. Pickles are exotic in taste. They may also be called relish, condiments. Pickles offer a burst of flavor. No Indian meal would be complete without them. A pickle is a fresh marinated relish.

It is usually eaten in small amounts to add flavor and to accent a meal. The art of making pickles dates back hundreds of years. In India, there are many, many varieties of pickle, and each family makes their own version. India is famous for its pickles.

They are incredibly versatile. pickles go with everything – rice, breads, fish, roast beef sandwiches, grilled chicken and meats, pappadums and even tortilla chips. They add an extra dimension to meals and will satisfy the the taste buds and make meals more tasty.

Pickles may keep for a few months, but most keep for years as long as they stay sterilized and no moisture gets in them. So the next time you would like to have a culinary adventure try India’s palate ticklers. Just a tiny bite of an Indian pickle will set your mouth tingling, your being will suspend and you will be in the moment. With recipes passed down from mother to daughter, India has hundreds of types of pickles. Venture into the world of Indian pickles…we welcome you to India’s old culinary tradition by offering a wide selection of Indian pickles in our store



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